Replica Rolex Explorer Series Watches

Explorer II Rolex watches launched in 1971, the new watch, the watch was originally designed primarily a 24-hour hand, mainly to solve the polar expeditions face polar day or polar night polar expeditions, 24-hour display is very clear practical. This design also can be used to display two time zones displayed.

The new Rolex Explorer II replica watches and change the old look is not very large, it is in 2011, and launched redesigned Rolex watches, the new case to 42 mm. Chromalight dial with luminous display, so watch In any environment, they are legible. The design of the watch to extreme environments, fully embodies the Rolex and explore the world of bond.

For explorers entire series family, the main style is so few, and the other is to have a further distinction between black and white disk of the disk. As to watch their distinction and positioning, I have to say here about his or her knowledge. First, that is the main difference between the old and the new Explorer I Explorer I’s. New Exploration Exploration old one case diameter compared to an increase of a, from the original 36 mm to 39 mm, the diameter of the table due to the increased diameter of the watch pointer does not increase, so it looks new probe to watch from the disk pointer is short, the minute hand is particularly evident. Then 3,6,9 luminous watch dial time scale canceled, into a stainless steel to create the time scale, internal change is the movement from 3130 to 3132 to upgrade the movement the movement, using the new shock absorbers and new springs. Old probe to offer 42,300 yuan, 51,100 yuan offer a new probe, not on the more expensive, regardless of price or more recommended a new probe.
Rolex Explorer Series is a very important series, is designed for explorers developed a series of replica watches uk, in the case of minus fifty degrees is still able to maintain accurate time to go.