Good Quality Skillfully Mixing & Matching Watch Designs With The Watch_brotherss Swiss Movement Replica Watches

The Classic V1-92 Bellytanker is powered with the Bell & Ross Watch Problems Replica grade BR-CAL.302, which is basically a Sellita SW300-1 (or ETA 2892-2). Having a 42-hour power book and beating at 4Hz, this really is capable, dependable modern motion found in much more watches than I will list out here. I discussed this motion in the Tissot Heritage 1948 Hands-On article here, but it’s a modular movement based on the ETA 2892-2. Bell & Ross has slightly modified it to remove the next sub-dial but mechanically it delivers the same 42-hour power book and stays equally as dependable. The sapphire crystal of this display caseback is printed using a silhouette of this Bellytanker concept car. Unfortunately, Bell & Ross has not shared caseback images of these watches, but you probably get the idea.The Bell & Ross Vintage V1-92 & V2-94 Bellytanker watches will be generated in a limited run of 500 watches every single. They’re sized and designed conservatively enough to be everyday wearers also. The Bell & Ross Vintage V1-92 Bellytanker ships on an aged brown leather strap for $2,300 and the Bell & Ross Vintage V2-94 Bellytanker can be obtained for $4,400 to a brown calfskin strap or for $4,700 with a stainless steel bracelet. My personal preference are the V2-94 on the bracelet.

Even though L and J bulk their work together, you can easily tell their individual work as each design thus far is produced by only one of them. When they aren’t designing watches, L is an avid cyclist (uphill riding) and designs his own riding jerseys. J’s hobby is leather goods, and he produces wallets and other items he likes for the satisfaction of completing something tangible all by himself. They also have different watch tastes and design preferences. When you look at their Instagram, you can tell L’s work because the “@” symbol on his pictures is squared in the signature, while J’s “@” symbol is more traditionally round.

J also happens to really like the Apple Watch, and some of my favorite things he’s designed are “Watch What-If” versions of the Apple Watch. In fact, I’ve basically gone ahead and offered the Watch_Brotherss the role of leading the next series of aBlogtoWatch Watch What-If design projects, and if you agree, let them know in the comments. What fuels them? It’s really about the feedback from the community and passion that they can share with people who also care about watches. I think it is also safe to say that as watch designers they’d be pretty happy to start their own watch brands someday. Thanks again to L and J for chatting with me, and be sure to check out their Watch_Brotherss Instagram page here.