Fake Rolex

Fake Rolex Is Not Only A Sports Watch

For a long time, Fake Rolex has a feeling of “heavy martial arts” in terms of product design or marketing, that is, the sports watch and Dress Watch, which are also produced by the brand. It is to restart the Cellini series.

Feature 1: How to change the formal dress table or to Sven

The previous Cellini collection features an elegant design style that echoes Rolex’s original inspiration for paying tribute to the famous Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini. However, even though the history of this series is not too short, the design is also changing over time. There are changes, but overall it is still difficult to establish a reciprocal product impression with Fake Rolex ‘s study series, so the debut of the last Cellini series has been quiet for some time.

The Cellini collection inspired by the famous Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini in Italy has a classical and elegant aesthetic. Like the early designs of the group, the new Cellini collection reflects the beautiful classic character. Also, it has a modern design style.

Feature 2: The whole significant change on the appearance

The first wave of the new Cellini series has three functional styles. This time it is the three-pin date model. The three models are all the same 39mm round shells. Each function style also has white gold or eternal rose gold material with a black surface. Or white face intertwined with four versions, luxurious options to try to meet the customer’s critical psychology.

The classic “Rayon Flammé de la Gloire” radiant pattern on the black dial, with a double outer ring and a flared screw-in crown with a rounded outer ring and a triangular rib outer ring, exquisitely luxurious and self-contained

Feature 3: Automated movement is more in line with modern needs

The re-emergence of the Cellini series represents the ambition of Fake Watches to expand the different market types. And the new delicate styles, such as the double-layered arc of the case. And the triangular pit pattern. Rayon Flammé de la on the three-stitch date plate Gloire radiation, etc. can be aware of the intention and sincerity of the brand design. Also, these three watches have all changed to automatic self-winding movements, which is more practical and convenient in today’s wearing habits.

In the classical style, the new Cellini series still retains a large number of Rolex features, and finally tempered the fine details of the finished appearance, such as the double-layered arc and triangular pit pattern of the watch case and the trumpet-shaped screw-in crown. Wait, it’s all worthy of a taste.