Brown Leather Bell & Ross Br 01 Skull Bronze Replica Watch

Aside from the photo-luminescent Bell & Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Replica Watch  emblazoned in the centre of the 46mm watch, its most distinctive element is, of course, the bronze. This offers the functional benefit of protecting the metal against corrosion, but let’s be honest, the main take-home point is that it looks awesome, and that no two models will ever be the same. But its main appeal is the distinctive oxidised patina it develops over time. Pioneered by Anonimo and popularised by Panerai, bronze is a material well suited to watch cases, in that it’s slightly heavier and softer than steel.

Each Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica Watch will be displayed in vacuum-sealed packaging, ensuring that whoever’s lucky enough to end up with the watch has the joy of leaving their own marks on the metal.But this individuality comes at a cost.

Memento Bell & Ross Replica Watch is a Latin phrase that translates roughly as ‘remember you must die”, and refers to artistic or symbolic representations of mortality.While using skulls on a luxury timepieces might seem like a punk-ish act of rebellion, there’s actually a long and rich tradition between skulls and timekeeping. The BR 01 could be seen as a modern memento mori, reminding us that life is fleeting, and that the most precious resource of all is time. Two of the most common themes are skulls and, you guessed it: time.