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Then LZ began to struggle between basic and complex models. According to the budget, if you buy the basic model, you should be able to buy a gold watch, such as the always optimistic JLC Q1392420, junior needle plus calendar, to meet daily needs, looks atmospheric, and JLC’s 1000-hour guarantee. There is also Breguet’s best fake audemars piguet replica 5907, the classic Breguet small breitling replica watches three-needle, through-the-bottom how to spot a fake hublot watch big bang manual movement, and it has a unique flavor when it is wound every day. If you buy a complicated model, the moon phase must be considered, preferably the full calendar, but this price gold watch is definitely not available, you can only consider the steel model. Is it a basic gold watch or a complex steel watch? Every officer has his own considerations. In the end, LZ chose the complicated model. After all, it is still young. After 40, when you need to be stable, you can consider the three-pin + calendar configuration.

The 6616 is paired with a white gold case, and Blancpain’s very iconic hollow-out willow pointer, known as the world’s first needle, and a hand-made South American alligator swiss bell & ross replica leather wristband, which adds a lot of color to the watch.

In fact, as early as the early stages of high-level how to identify watchmaking, engraving played an important role in the aesthetics of the watch on the movement, case and dial. The dial of the 110th anniversary edition of the Montblanc Villeret cylindrical tourbillon tourbillon pocket watch is the best example. . Carving decoration requires unique craftsmanship and aesthetic ideas, combining excellent skills and professional skills. With best place to extraordinary skills, the hand carver carefully carved miniature sculptures in the 18K white gold dial, and cut the metal to depict the elegant and unique wave pattern of the undulating waves of the Atlantic, making the dial deeper and more refined.

According to friends, F.P.Journe is very expensive. The first is because the brand only has a studio of more than a dozen people, so the output is scarce, and the annual output of the entire department is less than 900. The second is an expensive movement. The movement of F.P. Journe is made entirely of 18K gold. The cost is high, one can imagine. The style is simple, the movement is gorgeous, the brand has characteristics, and the skills are superb. This is is it possible to get the deepest feeling that F.P.Journe gave me. I think this is the basic principle of a watch that is worth collecting.

The Tonda 1950 Skeleton watch uses a multi-layer structure, and the dial highlights this deep structure. Starting from replica the flange at the top of the hollow movement, the multilayer structure unfolds one by one, which is required by its complex dynamic characteristics. The entire watch presents a fascinating 3D fake three-dimensional effect, which attracts people’s attention between light and shadow.

In addition, in the film, many scenes about the Biao car can be described as eye-catching, especially at the end of the film, Huang Xiaoming knockoff and the criminal moonphase gang have been working hard to avoid the speeding car scene at the time of a thousand shots. The expansion of human blood has pushed the whole film to its climax. In Hollywood, drag racing has always been a favorite element of many trusted directors. As the spokesperson of Tissot, Huang Xiaoming also drove a sports car to shoot this time, playing drifting, crashing and other bloody dramas. It is difficult to describe the thrilling degree of his shooting process. At a critical moment, a good car with good performance and handsome appearance is an important guarantee for the protagonist to get away smoothly and hold the beauty. In daily life, a watch with a unique design and good workmanship is also essential. For a long time, Tissot has always had highest rated a deep relationship with cars. Tissot has always been seen in racing events over ebay the years. This year’s brand-new Tissot Luchi battery 516 series watch specially created for motorsports is even more popular with car enthusiasts. The new in the world model continues the red and black colors of previous years and is full of racing elements. The delicate chronograph dial on the dial resembles the speedometer of a racing car, while the bezel design resembling the steering wheel and the ceramic or carbon ring strap are well known. The small hole design of the steering wheel is reminiscent of luxurious racing cars. At the same time, the new model adopts a brand-new self-winding movement. The long-lasting power of up to 60 hours makes the fuel tank of the Lichi 516 series full and full of code.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon dating series moon phase jewelry watch with midnight blue gold stone to create a bright starry sky, with a new mother of pearl material moon phase display. This new watch perfectly interprets the extremely flawless production process. The master watchmakers and master craftsmen of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop inherited the traditional watchmaking technology with hundreds of years of accuracy, and took a cautious and strict inspection. Standards are carefully carved to rejuvenate this timepiece. The new moon phase is placed behind the translucent clouds, showing a geneve quartz looming effect. The technique is bold and modern, and it shows the superb watchmaking craftsmanship of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop.

Although it is not a high-frequency watch, I have to say that on the basis of the skeleton movement, the addition of two tilting and constantly rotating balance wheels can show the charm of advanced watchmaking. Of course, it cannot rotate in different directions like a tourbillon, selfwinding but it is more visually striking than a single tourbillon.

So what are the important changes in the 2016 Oris Sixty-Five watch that we need to pay attention to? The simplest and most intuitive point is the increased case size. The previously released watch was 40mm in size, but now it has increased to 42mm. It seems that the Carl Brashear bronze watch is not only as simple as a limited edition, but also plays a leading role in charging. In terms of appearance design, because there is no crown protection device, it use this link feels simple and neat. The polished thin strap makes the whole watch look very slim. The relatively short lugs are processed by the brushing process, and there are more Large toothed crown and rotating bezel with 60-minute scale. Mention the bezel, there is a change to explain. The previous 40mm size series used a black DLC-coated aluminum bezel, and the edge part was also included. In the current 42mm series, the bezel process is still the same as before, but the original metal frame is retained, which may be more durable. The digital scale on the bezel has also changed slightly. We can see from the first picture of the article that it has become more slender. In terms of water resistance, it is still the same depth of 100 meters as before.

TAG Heuer brand ambassador Li Yifeng said: TAG Heuer always keeps surprises me. Today’s cooperation with Chris Hemsworth made me very memorable, the new Autavia series watch is even more impressive. The new generation of Autavia inherited the classic elements rose gold of the early representative models, telling the tag heuer monaco replica long history of TAG Heuer and this series, I can feel the retro trend brought by it is coming. I hope everyone will be attracted to this legendary new series like me, and feel the unique charm of Autavia together!

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The new Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Transparente transparent air clock is equipped with a nearly constant mechanical movement to show its exquisite mechanical design and extraordinary precision performance. This classic clock condenses the excellent watchmaking skills of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grand Workshop and embodies the environmental awareness beyond the times. For aesthetic lovers, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Atmos air clock, a timeless piece of contemporary design two tone that can’t be missed.

The Laureato wrist that GP Girard Perregaux watch was launched in 1975 is a Quartz Chronometer quartz observatory watch.

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